Vision and Values

The Durham Martyrs Multi Academy Trust is formed to preserve, maintain and develop Catholic education in the areas served by its schools. It is committed to providing the highest quality of education for every child it serves.

The Trust is committed to the holistic development of children, challenging and supporting every child to develop fully as a person. This includes fostering in young people and adults a moral and practical commitment to those in need.

By formalising the links between secondary and Primary schools we will provide a stable, challenging and consistent education through the phases (reception to Sixth Form) to those pupils and families we serve.

Working together through the Trust, each school will benefit educationally from the expertise within the Trust as a whole and practically from the services procured and provided centrally.

Local Governing Bodies will continue to ensure that each school has its own identity and character while sharing the central Christian and educational values of the trust.

The Trust will be open and outward-looking, maintaining strong links with other institutions and organisations including: all partner primary and secondary schools; the local parishes; the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle; Durham Local Authority; the Catholic Partnership; local universities.

The Trust is a dynamic entity which will grow and adapt with those who are working and learning within it. It will respond to the needs of its community while adhering to the Christian principles upon which its member schools are founded.